Those Who Inhale the Dew is the sixth episode of the anime series.


Ginko's services are requested by a boy named Nagi, who lives on a distant island, to investigate the case of Akoya, a girl revered by the people as a "Living God".

Plot (Spoilers) Edit

Ginko hear rumors of a great healer and travels to an island which can only be accessed once a month because of tides. His guide, a young man, asks him to reveal the truth of the island's goddess, the daughter of the village master and who the boy had played with as a child. One day, the girl had lost her self will and would age suddenly at night. The boy explains that his mother had died, despite the claims that the goddess could heal. Ginko examines the inside of her nose after the villagers have left, and discovers a purple Mushi inside her nose that releases spores. He determines that the Mushi has a short lifespan, and syncs its hosts biological clock with its own. After it dies, a new Mushi is born, returning the host back to normal. Ginko cures the girl by sticking a needle in her forehead and travels with the boy to the cavern where the Mushi flowers bloom. Although the village master tries to stop them, he is intercepted by angry villagers and beat to death for his lies. The girl reinfects herself with the Mushi afterwards, becoming incurable, because she cannot accustom herself to the seemingly long periods of time each day is after losing her Mushi. Other victims of the Mushi who are cured feel the same way, and month after month another one reinfects themselves.