As if she was drowning in a sea of letters, that is how one young woman lived. With Mushi as invaders in her body and a love for Mushi she seals Mushi away. There exists in the world... one... such girl.

Urushibara Yuki's character quote for Tanyuu Karibusa

Tanyuu Karibusa (狩房 淡幽 Tanyū Karibusa) is the current Scribe of the Karibusa Family.


Long ago, there was a Mushi unlike any other, the Forbidden Mushi that destroyed all things indiscriminately. But a Mushishi of the Karibusa family sealed this forbidden Mushi inside herself, turning her skin the color of ink and eventually killing her. But not before she had a child.

Since then, one in every other generation of the Karibusa family has carried the Forbidden Mushi inside them, rendering part of their bodies ink black and useless. But they have learned how to bind it. By listening to stories of the death of other Mushi, they can subdue the Forbidden Mushi and use its mark like ink to write these stories down and seal the Forbidden Mushi away on paper. Those who do this are the Scribe. They live in an isolated house with their records, visited only by the family and Mushishi.

Tanyuu Karibusa is the fourth Scribe. The curse is located on her right leg, and she has learned to be skillful at moving on crutches and hopping on one foot. And in spite of the pain that this forbidden Mushi constantly causes her, she loves and respects Mushi, all forms of life. She is proud but kind, and there is no one who could do her job more effectively.

She reappears in the Path of Thorns Special requesting Ginko to help Kumado despite the fact the two may not get along well in order for Ginko to ensure Kumado doesn't act recklessly.

Personality Edit

Tanyuu is a kind person who, despite the amount of hardship that the Mushi have brought on her life, is extremely attached to them. For this reason, she hates having to hear stories about Mushi being treated as lesser than humans or as vermin that need to be killed. She loves hearing stories about Mushi from Ginko because unlike most Mushishi, he is attached to Mushi and understands that Mushi are not just evil creatures, but simply living creatures trying to survive. She is efficient and talented at her job, something she initially hated as a child but grew to love and is proud but compassionate towards those she loves. A cursed Mushi that once nearly brought destruction of all of life is sealed in her right leg and she is upset that this Mushi is the reason her current guardian and the Minai family line are suffering. She often worries more about others than herself but does lament the inability to use her leg. Tanyuu's deepest desire is to complete the sealing away of the forbidden Mushi, and to be freed to travel with Ginko.

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