"Excuse me, can you see those things he's seeing too?"

Suzu is a minor character who appeared in Episode 15. She lives with her younger brother, Miharu, in a small mountain house on the outskirts of a village.

Appearance Edit

Suzu is a fairly average looking young lady, with pale skin, dark eyes, and long black hair kept in a loose braid. Her facial features are soft and kind, and she appears to be in her mid-teens to early-twenties though her true age is unknown.

Personality Edit

Suzu has a fairly gentle personality, rarely yelling or getting angry. However, as she lives on her own while taking care of her brother, we can assume she has an independent spirit as well as a strong sense of responsibility. She seems to be an understanding person as, rather than begrudge Miharu for keeping things from her, she empathizes that he just wants to help out since the two of them have only each other.

Plot Edit

Her younger brother, Miharu, can see Mushi while she can not. He frequently wanders into the woods during winter when the two are just about to run out of food and is later found collapsed on the outskirts of town with a bag of fruits and vegetables which only grow in spring. He remains unconscious until spring each time, deeply worrying Suzu. During a snowstorm, Ginko stumbles across her home and requests to stay the night. Suzu seems wary at first, but allows him in. In the morning, she discovers that Ginko can also see the Mushi and tells him what's been happening with Miharu, prompting Ginko to offer to teach Miharu which Mushi are dangerous so that he can learn to avoid them.

Trivia Edit

  • It is strongly implied that she has feelings for Ginko, as she repeatedly says that he should stay and shows distress when he leaves. In turn, Ginko himself seems reluctant to leave, telling Miharu at the end that even if he comes back, he at least will not be coming back in the winter because "people are weak during the winter too," hinting at a desire to stay.
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