A Mushishi (蟲師, lit. Master of Insects), or Mushi Master in the English translation, is a person who has the ability to see Mushi. These people travel from place to place and attend to situations that involve Mushi. The protagonist of the series, Ginko, is a Mushishi and the series is regarding his adventures as a Mushishi.


Alternative Names:

  • Mushi-shi
  • Mushi Master
  • Bug master
  • Insect Master
  • Master of Bugs
  • Master of Insects

Mushishi are mostly people who can see Mushi, although one usually does not have to be a Mushishi to be affected by or affect Mushi. Most Mushishi have a gift to see Mushi (this skill is called "youshitsu"). Many Mushishi unavoidably attract Mushi, and for this reason must constantly be on the move. The primary reason for the attraction is mostly due to the items Mushishi carry which allow them to capture, ward off, attract or even kill Mushi.


Mushishi not affected by MushiEdit

Mushishi affected by MushiEdit

Important Non-Mushishi, yet affected by MushiEdit

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