The Magari-dake (間借り竹, lit. Lodger Bamboo) is a Mushi that takes the form of a white bamboo tree and attaches itself to the established root system of already existing bamboo forests, leeching away water and nutrients. In return, the Magari-dake gives back elements the bamboo needs to be healthy.

If human females come in close contact with the Magari-dake, the Mushi may impregnate them. From this point, pregnancy progresses normally until birth; the child is born in the folds of a bamboo shoot. These children are half-Mushi, and rely on water from the original Magari-dake to survive as they cannot consume any other food or liquid. Additionally, as offspring of this Mushi, they are under its influence and cannot stray too far from it, nor can they bring it malicious harm. However, with these exceptions, they appear to be like any other human being. Any other person who consumes water from its body is also unable to stray too far away, nor can ordinary people escape from its influence in the company of those who are linked to it.


When chopped down, the Mushi uses its branches like insectile legs and skitters away.

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