The Kumohami (雲食み, lit. Cloud-eater) is a type of Mushi.


When active, the Kumohami resembles a cumulus cloud. They naturally reside at high altitudes and feed on moisture in the atmosphere, converting it into snow and hail. Since they can't move on their own they depend on the wind to blow them toward food. If there is no wind for several months they will drop in the form of hail and hibernate.

Kumohami in Ink Stone

Dormant Kumohami in the ink stone

When in this dormant form, they are mostly harmless, but if given water and physical contact they become active again and may infect nearby living hosts if inhaled. 


When the Kumohami is inhaled, the host becomes extremely cold. Their temperature will continue to drop as the fluids in their body begins to freeze. If not removed within a few months, the host dies.


High altitudes draw them towards the higher atmosphere, coaxing them out of living hosts.

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