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The Kouda (虹蛇, lit Rainbow snake) is a Mushi that belongs to the Nagaremono classification. According to Ginko, it is likely that Kouda are the result of light and water imbued with Kouki. It is living but more closely resembles the natural phenomenon of a rainbow.

It can be seen after rain under the appearance of a wonderful rainbow. But the main differences between the Kouda and a real rainbow are:

  • The colors of the Kouda are inverted
  • The Kouda is visible when looking toward the sun
  • The Kouda can take a wide variety of shapes

Kouda are not restricted to the traditional arc of a rainbow, but can take the shape of circles, ellipses, spirals, and other forms.

Upon touching a Kouda, the affected person becomes obsessed with the Kouda and tries to find it again, abandoning all else. The affected person also consumes water at an alarming rate.