Hitotake (人茸, lit. Human Mushroom) are Mushi fungus and are extensions to the Mushi called Watahaki.


A Watahaki is a green cotton like Mushi that enters the body of the pregnant women and becomes parasitic upon the ovum and destroys the ovum. The women then gives birth to it in the form a green slime which quickly escapes through the below the floors or into the ceiling.

Six months later it sends a fungus in the shape of a baby called Hitotake back to the parents. The hitotake are connected to the main mass of Watahaki by thin threads. They are merely extensions of the Mushi. The Hitotake gather nutrients for the main body that is the Watahaki. Before the end of a Hitotake's life span they cough up a cloud of spores. The baby's rate of growth is very fast.The children all learn at the same time giving an unnatural learning curve.

Before the end of its life span the Hitotake develops green spots on its entire body and becomes extremely weak.


They are weak to fatal poison injections.

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