Fuki (吹)



Japanese voice actor

Yukari Fukui

English voice actor

Jessica Boone

First appearance

String from the Sky

Fuki is a character who appears in the 19th episode of the anime.


Fuki is a young woman who is able to see Mushi and is widely regarded as "strange" because of it. She was working in the service of a well-to-do family, employed as a nurse for their youngest child, and often spent late nights trying to calm the infant by wandering the fields. It was there that she became acquainted with the elder son of the house, Seijiro. Over the course of these nights together, Seijiro developed feelings for Fuki, and it is assumed that she reciprocated these feelings.

One day, nearing the last stages of her employ, Fuki saw a strange white string hanging down from the sky. She pulled on it, not realizing that it was the lure of a Tenpengusa. Immediately she was whisked away into thin air. However, she was too large of prey for the Tenpengusa, and was thrown back down to earth, where she became lost between the human and Mushi worlds. Ginko discovered her in the mountains and did his best to help her.

When Fuki found her way back to her village, Seijiro declared his love for her, and the two began petitioning Seijiro's father for his marriage blessing. However, the longer they waited, the more distraught Fuki became, and the more Seijiro began to doubt her humanity. One day she was simply whisked away again, leaving only her Mushi self behind. Ginko tells Seijirou that to bring her human self back, he must accept her for who she is. And so a wedding takes place, seemingly without the bride, and Seijirou starts a new life with his wife who cannot be seen. That is, until Fuki reappears once more, brought back from the Mushi realm by Seijiro's love.

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