The Ah (阿 A) are Mushi that are partners to the Un.



An Ah in Ginko's Hand

The Ah is a parasite mushi that eats the silence created by the Un. It resembles a snail that winds counterclockwise in its dormant form. The Ah is seen as uncommon and a rarer species of mushi than the Un.



Maho having horns

When they infect the ear, they cause all sound to be blocked out. This causes four horns to grow on the victim, and these horns allow the victim to hear the echo of every mushi sound made on Earth, which is like a never ending tidal wave of sound. 


These Mushi are weak to the sound of your heart and other internal noise.

To defeat the Ah and Un, cover your ears and slightly move the wrist (causing noise), this will kill the Ah.

Trivia Edit

  • The names "Ah" and "Un" derive from the Japanese word "aun," which comes from the phrase "aun no kokyuu" which means "inhaling and exhaling." The phrase also hints at two things that work well together, representing the Ah's co-existence with the Un.